Friday, June 24, 2011

Night People Mixtape June 2011

Third planet from the sun.


Jim Shephard - Bingle Bangle
Strapping Fieldhands - In The Pineys
Homosexuals - Still Living In My Car
Cleaners From Venus - A Holloway Person
Algebra Suicide - Agitation
Onna - Enfolding Your Breasts
Solid Space - Tenth Planet
Tolerance - Misa (Gig’s Tapes In “C”)
The Pin Group - The Power
Rain Parade - Untitled
Felt - Spanish House
Times - The Sun Never Sets
The Go-Betweens - People Say
100 Flowers - Contributions
Magnetic Fields - Desert Islands
John Bender - 35B5 Records
The Garbage And The Flowers - Prince Of Thieves

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